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Thu Nov 15, 2012, 6:17 PM
I'm bored and I need a new journal. I stole this from Kataang15Love. Not sure where she stole it from. :giggle:

1. Favorite Disney movie?
Aladdin. Aladdin by Citron--Vert
Beauty and the Beast and Tangled are a close second and third.
Wall-E is my favorite if Pixar is included.

2. Favorite Disney song?
The Spectromagic theme. :love:
From a Disney movie: The Bells of Notre Dame.
My favorite to sing out loud is He's a Tramp. :sing:

3. Have I been to the Disney parks before?
No, never. :giggle:
Obvious I've been to WDW many times. I worked there for three years! I have not been to the other parks, though I really want to.

4. Favorite prince?
Ooh difficult one. Can I go with David/Charming from Once Upon a Time? For the cartoons I'd go with Philip.

5. Favorite park ride to be on after-dark?
Big Thunder. It is so awesome at night.

6. Mickey premium ice-cream bars or churros?
Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich from Sleepy Hollow. :drool:

7. Favorite land in the parks?
Sunset Boulevard. :D

8. Favorite sidekick in a Disney film?
Maximus! God I love that horse.
Also Dug if Pixar is included. <da:thumb id="148741947"/>

9. If I could be in a live-action version of any Disney film, which one would it be and who would I play (regardless of things like appearance/singing ability)?
Maleficent. :evillaugh:
I look just like Merryweather, though. It would be as if Merryweather had gone over to the dark side.

10. Favorite character to interact with in the parks?
I'm not really into character meet and greets, although if I find any character with no line I run up for some photos. I miss the Figment meet and greet.

11. Do I collect Disney pins?
I pick up the ones I really like. I've never traded, although I have some I'd be willing to trade if I found better ones!

12. What park ride do I have a love/hate relationship with?

I loathe the Tomorrowland Speedway. Colossal waste of space in my opinion. I can't believe they ripped up ToonTown and left that land hogging monstrosity. Ugh. :bleh:

13. Favorite Disney love-song?
I know you, I danced with you once upon a dream. I know you, the gleam in your eye is so familiar a gleam. And I know it's true that visions are seldom what they seem... :sing:

14.Favorite non-animated Disney movie?
The Avengers was pretty freaking awesome. I've seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit about a zillion times.
Also the original TRON and PotC III.

15. Do I own any Mickey ears? If so, what kind?
I do. My friends bought me a classic Mickey ears with my name on the back when I left WDW and went back to grad school.

16. A park ride I've never been on?
I try to make a point of riding every single ride. Last trip due to technical difficulties we never got to ride Toy Story Mania, so I'll go with that.

17. Favorite Phil Collins Disney song? (Legitimate question!)

Strangers Like Me. Definitely.
Phil has better songs, though. There's a soft spot in my heart for Phil.

18. Favorite Disney movie sequel?
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

19. Favorite Disney renaissance movie?

20. Favorite Disney/Pixar movie?
WALL-E, by far. I can watch it over and over and over. Brave also seriously rocked. Oh yeah.

21. Favorite in-park restaurant?
I used to love Restaurant Akershus but then they turned it into a Princess character meal and it costs a zillion bucks to eat there. So I'll go with Mama Melrose. Sunshine seasons has the best counter service.
Cape May is my favorite at WDW.

22. Have I ever stayed in a Disney hotel?
Yep. The Wilderness Lodge, All Star Music, Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter, Pop Century.

23. Favorite in-park snack?
Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich from Sleepy Hollow.
Deja vu!
Frozen Orange Bars at the AK.

24. Favorite Winnie the Pooh character?

25. Favorite classic character (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc.,)?

Goofy is my favorite from the Fab Five. I especially loved Goof Troop, seeing his relationship with Max. And Goofy's shorts are the best. That Goofy, he's a genius!

So that's all the questions. I want more questions. Got any Disney questions for me?Mickey Ears by agent-elf

Also, does anyone play Tap Zoo or Pet Shop on their phone or tablet? I need some friends to unlock stuff. :shifty:

700+ Pictures in my Stash

Sat Aug 25, 2012, 5:14 PM
Life has been hectic and I have not had much time to get pictures posted. However, I did have three weeks with no internet that allowed me tons of times to process photos, so now I have over 700 pictures waiting in my stash.  Since I have no idea when they will be loaded I will post the links here. You can use whatever you like. Some day they will end up in my gallery, I swear!

It just may be next year. :shifty:

So here are the links:

Winter Forest Stock: - Partially Posted
Tree of Life Root Stock:
Tomorrowland Speedway Stock:
Test Track Stock:
Norway Stock:
Mission Space Stock: Posted
Fireworks Stock:
Innoventions Stock:
Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground Stock:
Harry Boo Grey Tabby Stock:
Frontierland Stock:
Chip the Chipmunk Stock: Posted
Osborne Family Lights Stock:
Fancy House Interior Stock:
County Fair Ride Stock:
Illuminations Stock:

Also, as an FYI, I am in the process of moving any picture with a character in it over to the equivalent photography galleries. You can still use any photo in my gallery but because I do not own the copyright to those characters, I shouldn't really have them offered as stock. They will be updated with a disclaimer that they are for reference or non-commercial work only.

I hope everyone is well. Here's to a busy and exciting autumn. I hope it cools down!

I changed my username.  *queue blinding flash of the obvious*

I wanted my username here to match my username on my art site, so now I'm AreteEirene and AreteStock.  To be honest I've been wanting to change for a long time, so now that it's available I went for it.

I will still be posting lots of Disney pictures. ;)

And since I got a HUGE promotion I may get down to WDW this winter after all. Or at least by spring. Here's hoping!

I need a new avatar now. :plotting:

original drama llama by Katmomma

Happy New Year!

Sat Dec 31, 2011, 9:23 PM
Happy New Year! :iconnewyear2plz:

The neighborhood is echoing with fireworks and firecrackers.  And guns.  People get a bit looney on New Year's around here. :iconyeehawplz:

I usually don't do resolutions but I will admit I have a small goal of being more active and post more here!  I haven't posted anything since October. I'm a bad girl. :(  

Life has been the proverbial roller coaster for me these last few months.  Currently things are on the up so I hope they last through 2012. I hope everyone has a great year, too. :blowkiss:

I do hope we can get down to WDW this year.  It's now been three years.  I still have tons of photos I can post, though. ;)  People often think I must live in Florida but I'm actually up in Ohio.  Times have been rough but if I play my cards right this year I may be able to get back down.  Wish me luck! :giggle:


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Holy Pageviews Batman!

Thu Sep 1, 2011, 12:00 PM

OMG you guys! I just noticed I'm over 100,000 pageviews!

:squee: :iconeeeeeplz: :happybounce:

Only took six years. :lol:

How should I celebrate?  Besides writing this journal from my iPhone. :D

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fffffffffff stoopid spam filters

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 14, 2011, 12:52 PM
Hey all! :iconwavesplz:

I've been trying to get caught up on this site; I mean I've got fave notifications going back to April 2010!  So I've been happily visiting people's sites and giving llamas, looking at galleries and :+fav: anything that catches my eye, and :rage: I keep getting the pink error of doom telling me I've been giving too many llamas and I need to slow down and do something else.  HRMPF I am not giving out llamas too fast. I am no frickin' bot. I can understand putting a limit but seriously, I'm just trying to get caught up and I even look at galleries in between!  How slow do they want us to go now?

POUT :grump:

Anyhoo, one work week until Matsuricon in Columbus. :squee:  I'll be going with LeftWingDuck. I expect much fun to be had. Anyone going?  Of course I'll be in my Merryweather on Saturday.  Friday I shall be dressed up as mindless office drone. :lol:

This means I have to clean my room now. Oh NOES!  

I've got a whole second series of Illuminations pictures taken on a night where I wasn't downwind, but I think I may post something else in between.  Any requests? I might post up my interior Great Movie Ride pics.  Or Future World at night?  Or maybe some pics from Mill Creek Park in Youngstown.  I love that place.  I need to get my ass in gear and get stuff posted to my Stash; then I can even update from my laptop or my iPhone!

Did I mention I have a new iPhone? :flirty: OMG I love that thing.  I can lurk on dA when it gets slow at work.  It is evil.

As for work, I've been asked to teach some classes next month about how to use a particular program.  I'm flattered that they singled me out as the best candidate, and I'm hoping this is the first step into a better paying position.  Work has been especially stressful these last few weeks with people on vacation, at conferences, and taking family leave, so I've been rather tired and not in the mood to get anything done at home.  Seriously, I slept 16 hours yesterday.  I set my alarm today to keep myself from doing that again.

I want to try out the new video embed that's in beta but I can't think of anything in particular to embed.  Any good Disney related stuff floating around?

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On Hot Summer Days and Raccoons

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 3, 2011, 2:04 PM
Hey everyone! :iconwavesplz:

First of all, I owe junglecruiseheadhunt a promo.  He's got a new Disney Tips and Tricks website called Mouse Guru.  Check it out at!

As usual I am so behind I'll never catch up.  I have had the pleasure of seeing two full fireworks displays over the last two weekends, so I may be working on some more fireworks stock (because I can never have enough fireworks in my gallery :D).  I'd work on some right now except I've stolen my dad's computer (god I wish I could really have this thing; it's a monster!) and he doesn't have photoshop on it. Sadness :saddummy:

Work is frustrating and who knows when I'll ever have enough money for another Disney trip, but at least I managed a little five day weekend this week.  I really need the days away from that place.  I'm always accepting requests but it may be another year before we get down there again. (Contrary to what a lot of people assume, I live in Ohio.  Getting down to Florida isn't all that easy from up here ;))

As for raccoons, well, let me tell you.  Some of you may already know my dislike of the little bandits, and we've had some resident raccoons we haven't been able to get out of our attic the past two years.  Well, last week the female managed to get into the house! :faint: We had no idea how she did it, but she OPENED MY BEDROOM DOOR and took a perch atop one of my bookcases.  It took a massive amount of whacking with a broom, moving the fridge out into the middle of the kitchen, one broken gnome, a broken plate, and many broken goblets to get her the hell out of the house.  We thought maybe she had simply followed us in after we got home from the movies on Tuesday night, but that turned out not to be the case.

Flash forward to Friday night, and my aunt and I could hear something moving around the ductwork in the basement.  My aunt assumed it was our resident squirrel (that likes to dig in my flowerboxes, which is a whole other story), because what other animal could squeeze into the furnace exhaust and yet make all that racket?  She went downstairs and whacked on the ductwork until things quieted down, and we went to bed.

At 2:30 she comes yelling for me to get my ass up the raccoon was back in the house, only this time in her closet!  And for once I actually felt honest pity for the little bandit. She was panting and shaking, truly terrified.  I don't know if she got into the ductwork and then couldn't figure out how to get back out, or if she was running from something else, but no amount of broom whacking could get her down. She laid down and went about taking a breather while we pondered how to get her the hell out of the house.  Finally my aunt told me to go get one of the cat carriers and we got it up onto the shelf and used a stick to shoo her from the corner into the carrier.  We then got in the car, still in our bedclothes, drove over to the neighboring park a few miles away, and let her go. She tore off into the brush and never looked back.  I truly hope she settles in over there and does not find her way back.

Now if we can figure out how to trap the big male raccoon, or that little evil squirrel who keeps digging up my flowers.  

Wish us luck, we are away from home for three days. I'm praying no other wild animals get in while we're away.

Today happens to be my aunt's birthday, and as a celebration we'll be heading up to Warren to the drive-in. They've got Transformers with Super 8 as the undercard for $8 a person, and it's supposed to be a warm lovely night. :D  I love going to the drive-in.

Anyhoo, how are all of you doing?  Anything exciting happen?  I know I've gotten some new watchers lately and haven't had time to visit you all. Introduce yourselves! :glomp:


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Contest Using my Stock! Enter!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 31, 2010, 11:28 AM
Happy New Year Everyone! :party:

There's an awesome contest going on right now using my stock.  The prizes are kick ass and you all should enter. :D  Check out all the info and prizes here:

A Room for the Holidays - Due January 18th!


I am also taking donations for disney-parkhoppers' super group renewal over at my art site AreteEirene. :paranoid:  Any donations are very welcome.

Now to watch bowl games until I see footballs in my dreams. :D

:love: ~Tina

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Who wants a Christmas card? + Thumbs

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 18, 2010, 2:40 PM

My cards finally showed up yesterday, so even though it's a bit late in the season, I'm ready to get them sent out!  

So who wants one? :D

Just send me a note with your address and I'll get one sent out.  If you like, specify if you want an Epcot card, a Castle card, or an Ornament card, and whether you'd like a Castle print, a Main Street print, or a Winter print.  If you don't specify I'll just pick whatever I want. =P

I will send overseas!  It's only one extra stamp (usually).  I got all these cards, I want to send them out, dangit. :XD:

Happy Holidays to all who celebrate the this time of year! :iconshovelsnowplz:

~Tina :rudolph:

Here's the latest thumbs that I've posted to our Photobucket account.  As usual, all have the same rules as anything in my gallery.


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Stock Showcase

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 13, 2010, 1:19 PM
This Journal showcases uses of my Stock. If you use my stock and would like to be showcased, just send me a note or comment with the link, and I'll add the thumb here!

Showcase 2007 :bulletblue: Showcase 2008 :bulletblue: Showcase 2009
Offsite Uses

Others' Uses of my Stock on dA

:new: :new: :new:
City of hope by ricky4 .::El Dia de Muerto::. by Randoms-Foundling :thumb171866323: Mirror Mirror by ArtByKassie Free Sorcorer Mickey Group Avi by WDWParksGal-Stock mermaid by Nekrodol Feral by CynicalRaven Mad Scientists 1 by sexyDEATHparty Fireworks by horogirl4evr My Girl Sally, by Julie-Who Pesky Pixie by MarahScott :thumb184344366: HalloweenII -hosted by XGNYC by marthig :thumb184564106: 27. Foreign by Were-wolf-101 Ren on the 4th by ochya :thumb170073203: Me Swimming In A Appartment by sebastiaanlog Into Another World by TNBCCBARTIST247 Empty Apartment by xxlifeisworthitxx Road Angel by Gina-Marie :thumb171899350: One Stormy Night Long Ago by the-mad-JOKER Thoughtful Pace by centric-prometheus eternal_ by Digital-Epilepsee Black and White by No-Nonsense-Cowgirl Happy Birthday Elandria by Dragon-Kiss Fly by Artelanas WaterRoom by smackmestoopid Magic Wonder by centric-prometheus Before The ball by designdiva3 Boogieman by DRunkCoWBoy69 :thumb171625748: I Believe in Unicorns by Empowered-Heroine :thumb174311562: Doll by Mortal-Cyn Konoha belly dancer by candymoxie Origin of Symmetry. by mrsUrie21 Peterpan by Seven-777 :thumb175571979: The Stalker of the Cemetery by MEISTERTITAN Third Color - I like this one by thatladyj Lithium by winged-bullet smoct round 1, page 9 by marie-berry

Mature Content

A Little Wild On The Weekend by Enchanted1
Save me by ArtPassi0n Perfect stage to rock by paujas Underwater apartment by Impossiblee Iron Wall Contest Entry Stoa by WDWParksGal-Stock Forever Alone by lmelton2003 Morbid Carnaval by Selwind The warrior by Fant0me Once Upon a Winter by centric-prometheus Tsume and FM by Senshine Cobra at Disney World 2 by Dragonrider1227 Cobra at Disney World 1 by Dragonrider1227 Default by Yang-Nakajima Mousey Birthday Card by SavvyRed Be My Guest by violscraper :thumb179525757: One by Loredana-Papp :thumb180701393: Moonlight Romance by SilEnigmaArts Happy Halloween by myfairytaledreams

Mature Content

Your love is cold and shy by Zoalhyia
:thumb182370720: Secret 8974 by DeviantArtSecret The Chariot Card by Elric2012 chiba circuitry, sweetmeat by rachaelwrites I Am So Sorry by myfairytaledreams Swimming Though Rooms by bugworlds :thumb184075616: Howl Cosplay Halloween edition by Dreamhuntress-sims Just Married... by Shim-Ra-Moonblood Lolly? by Drezdany Trick or Treat by PintabianDreamer1222 Halloween by kazelisa

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Oh my goodness...

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 10, 2010, 4:39 PM
Excuse me while I faint. :faint:

Much thanks to shelldevil for the DD!  Thank goodness for stacks in the message center. :lol:

I feel guilty now because I haven't had time to do anything with my stock for ages.  I did pose for some model stock for mom to post and took some pictures of the ol' forest yard when the trees were starting to turn, but that's about it.  I need to force myself to post a few pictures every day.  Then again, I'll probably have more time when college football season is over, as I currently spend all day Saturday watching games. :D

In other news, I attended Sugoicon this past weekend with LeftWingDuck and siriuslylostwerewolf.  :woohoo:  I cosplayed as Merryweather.  I was a bit apprehensive because I was a Disney character at an anime con, but so many people loved it.  That made me happy. :D  I got a few pictures of the costumes I liked, and met James Hatton, the guy behind the In His Likeness webcomic. He is absolutely hilarious, the best part of the con by far.

It was also the first time I've met siriuslylostwerewolf in person even though I've known her on dA for 5 years.  So that was made of awesomesauce and win.  I swear I am going to make it to Otakon next year.

~Tina :iconweekenddanceplz:

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It's Raining It's Pouring...

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 21, 2010, 6:47 PM
Hello everyone! :iconwavesplz:

It's frickin' pouring outside.  This is a good thing, actually, as we've been in a little drought the past few weeks here. Yay rain!

Boo having wet cuffs on my jeans.  Stupid jean companies that assume everyone is 5'8" or something. My pant legs are always an inch too long.  I am not that short dammit!

I feel a bit guilty as I just cleaned out my new comments and they went all the way back to the first week in July.  Total fail on my part. I think there's nearly 50 use notifications. I will get them caught up! I think. I hope. :paranoid: Maybe.  

It's been pretty insane this summer. Now that I'm working full time I only have a few hours every night to look at things on dA, half of the time I don't even want to (because I'd rather read a book or something), and the whole summer my weekends have been taken up with traveling, visiting, errands, whatnot.  I just want to sit in my room all day and play on my computer. Whine... and yes, I would like some cheese with my whine.  Maybe some Gjetost (best cheese ever) or some Wendsleydale (hey Wallace knows what he's talking about) or some Amish farmer's cheese on a pizza.  God I love cheese.  Let's talk about cheese. :la:

Seriously, cheese!  What kinds are your favorites, or do you hate the stuff? (GASP!)  

CHEESE GROMIT!  :icongromitplz:

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World Showcase Thumbs and Beware the Bots

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 1, 2010, 2:01 PM
Hey everyone! :iconwavesplz:

I forgot to send out a journal (again) with the thumbs from my latest series posted to Photobucket. Those will be below. Oopsies.^^;

You may or may not be aware of the recent rash of "new" deviants seemingly using a bot to add massive amounts of people to their watch this week.  They are pretty easy to spot when you open up their site - thousands of pageviews in a couple of days and a whole front page full of "thanks for the watch!" comments posted minutes apart.

To get rid of these people should they watch you, simply add them to your block list. FAQ #96: Can I block people from interacting with me?  This will remove them from your watchers list.

If these kind of bots really tick you off, I recommend going to this article:… and favoriting it.

I don't really care about the llama bots, personally. If people want to give me a llama that's ok by me, but watch spamming is disingenuous at best.

In other news, saw the Sorcerer's Apprentice, which was ok, and Inception, which I friggin' loved and highly recommend.  

Now time for some thumbness...  ~Tina

In my gallery:
EPCOT World Showcase Stock 18 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 17 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 16 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 15 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 14 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 13 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 12 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 11 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 10 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 9 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 8 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 7 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 6 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 5 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 4 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 3 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 2 by AreteStock EPCOT World Showcase Stock 1 by AreteStock

On Photobucket:

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Is there anybody out there?

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 24, 2010, 5:23 PM
Just nod of you can hear me, is there anyone at all?

Oh hai thar. :D

It's been a while since I sent out a journal here.  Typical, I suppose.

So anyhoo, I'm tempted to send out one of those "active watcher" polls but I hate them, so I won't.  I have to admit that I just got finished going through saved fave notifications and browsing through old comments to find that only about 25% of my watchers have interacted with me in the last year.  Normally I wouldn't care but I got in the habit of always watching back the people who watched me; it's now to the point where I just can't keep up, so I wanted to see if maybe I should be prioritizing some people over others.  And I have. :paranoid:  This page:… shows the people I am now focusing on; if your icon isn't there just comment and I'll get you added. :huggle:  (Especially if you are a new watcher of mine and would like me to watch you back.) *edit* I should mention that some people may find themselves missing because I'm watching them from my other site. So if I watch you from AreteEirene then all should be well. ;)  /endedit

Gah I feel like a tool but I'm getting desperate with over 30,000 messages backlogged between my two sites. :faint:

I also forgot to send out a journal showing the Photobucket thumbs for my last series.  Oopsies!  As there are 227 pictures in the Fireworks folder in my Photobucket account, here follows a sampling only.  You can access them all by going here:… (Fireworks) . As usual my normal stock usages rules apply.


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ToonTown Photobucket Thumbs

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 5, 2010, 12:39 PM
Hello all! :iconwavesplz:

Another set of thumbs that I've posted over on my Photobucket!  The main gallery can be found here:…

These photos are all stock under my usual rules - just notify me here on dA if you use anything. Only photos found in my Disney-Stock subfolders are stock; please do not use anything from other parts of our Photobucket without contacting me or WDWParksGal.  For photos that contain Disney copyrighted images - such copyrighted images cannot be cut-out and used as stock.  

Remember, in order to access the original full-size file on Photobucket you need to choose "Download - High Res Image" from the bar at the top of the image.

The better pics will be posted soon to my gallery. :la:

Farewell ToonTown! I wanted to get better pictures, but you will no longer exist when I next get to visit.

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This is a test of the Emergency Photobucket System

Journal Entry: Sun May 9, 2010, 10:47 AM
Hey everyone! :iconwavesplz:

This is what the journal will look like whenever I post my not-so-good shots to Photobucket.  All pictures are free to use with my normal rules which can be found in the right hand column of my journal page.

This week's batch focuses on the Crystal Palace area of Main Street at the Magic Kingdom.… Here to see the whole album).

There seems to be something odd about how dA parses the thumb link, so if you click on a thumb Photobucket will dump you into the album instead.  I don't know how to fix that but at least you'll be in the right place.  In the Photobucket album, click on the thumb you'd like to see and you'll be taken to a page with a preview image.  Choose "download" at the top of the picture and then "high res image" if you'd like the full-sized file.

If you do use one of these images, please contact me through my dA site here. :D

Don't freak out that the main Photobukcet site is "wdwparksgal". Mom and I share our site there. My stock will always be in the Disney-Stock sub-folder.  Please do not use any images found in other folders on our account without contacting us first. ;)

The rest of the series will be posted to my site here shortly.  Be on the lookout. :eager:

And the better ones I just posted here:
MK Crystal Palace Stock 16 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 15 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 14 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 13 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 12 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 11 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 10 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 9 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 8 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 7 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 6 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 5 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 4 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 3 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 2 by AreteStock MK Crystal Palace Stock 1 by AreteStock

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Hey everyone! :iconlachoirplz:

As I am at my monthly journal quota for my other site, I'm going to spam everyone here instead! :la:

The last two days I've been paid $150 for doing almost nothing. Woohoo! This is because I've started my job! Yay!

Yesterday was all human resources paperwork and going for a mini-physical.  Today I "shadowed" my trainer, in which I basically sat in a chair and watched her work all day.  It was very boring, but I was paid for it.  Hopefully as the week goes on I can do some actual work. I don't much like doing nothing; it drives me a little batty.

So anyhoo, I'm working in central scheduling at a local hospital, and the systems are so complex I actually get 8 weeks of training. EIGHT WEEKS! :faint:  This is fine by me because during those eight weeks I work full time (as I work the same schedule as my trainer).  I have to be in to work at 8am, which is painful, but I'll get used to it. Going to bed a 9pm is going to suck so bad.  The amount of stuff I need to learn looks like the equivalent to a college course, so I'm not surprised it's 8 weeks of training.  After that I'm guaranteed 20 hours per week plus I'll cover any hours when the other ladies call in or take vacation time or family leave.  I'll pretty much be full time all summer, then. Money!

Of course I am utterly behind here.  There's nearly 7500 deviations in this site and another 8000+ on my other site, plus about 250 journals total and a bunch of comments and faves.  I will never catch up. :faint:

This week I'd like to pimp out a reviewer over at… the series is called Bad Movie Beatdown, and the guy who does it is funny and adorable and has a great angry face (and if you're familiar with my fanart then you know I love angry men ooh-la-la :flirty:). He's been getting better and better with each review, so if you like the Nostalgia Critic take a look. You might like Film Brain, too.

I'd also like to invite anyone who likes to read stories to read my little attempt at a first chapter of a story here:
Feedback is greatly appreciated. :)  

Maybe this weekend I'll finally find some time to post some stock and look at some art. :fingerscrossed:

Oh, and I'll trade llamas with anyone who gives me one!  Is it cheesy if I use this skin for a while? I know it's pink and I hate pink but it's sparkle llama! How awesome is that?

Luvs, Tina :blowkiss:

original drama llama by Katmomma
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Gimme Llamas Pwease

Thu Apr 1, 2010, 2:35 PM

Real Llamas Sparkle!

Gimme llama badges. I need 4 more to get a super llama and I wants one. PWEASE! Must have super llama. :flirty:

Pink sparkle llamas FTW!

Rah Rah Ah Lla Ma Rah Rah Ah Lla Ma by AreteEirene
Drah Ma Drah Ma Ma
Drah Ma Ooh Lla Ma

Want your bad romance :llama:

original drama llama by Katmomma
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Oh Noes My Gallery

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 24, 2010, 1:52 AM
OH NOES! :icongreennoesplz:

Mah gallery has been munch-a-cruch-ed!  Whatever shall I do?

Seriously - I'm in the process of redoing all my gallery folders, so as I recategorize stuff I've been deleting deviations from featured. In retrospect I should have started with the oldest deviations first. Oh well. Hindsight 20-20 and all that.  If you've ever favorited one of my gallery folders, it may or may not have been repurposed or deleted. Sorry. :(

I'm about ready to process some new series, so vote in my poll! That way I know what to focus on first.

Nothing much going on.  I was going to send out a rage journal about the resizing thing last week but didn't and since that whole shebang only lasted about a day and a half it became a moot point anyway.  It made all my deviations 1067 pixels across, or some such nonsense. Honestly it didn't really affect me here since I always put the fullsize on download but I was not happy about it on my art site.  Just wait until v7 goes live! What fun will be had.


Today I went to the grocery store and when I got home and everything was put away I sat and ate potato chips until I got sick. This is my reward for having to go to the grocery store.  I haven't had potato chips in a month because I eat them until I get sick.  :paranoid:  I hear some people are like that with chocolate or ice cream - not me. Potato Chips.  This is why I generally try not to have them around. They are evil. Pure unadulterated evil.

So anyway, talk to me. :D  How was your week?  Anything planned for the weekend?

~Tina :blowkiss:

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On Fave Bombs

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 14, 2010, 8:36 AM
Hello all! :iconwavesplz:

I logged in today to find that my messages had shot up by over 150 and for a fleeting moment I had that little thought, "oh maybe I got a DD!" before my brain locked down and said "don't be silly, it's probably just a fave bomb", and lo! that's what it was.  180 201 favorites from the same person over the last two days.

Now, I'm not complaining about getting favorites, I love getting favorites - I post my photos for people to look at and use, so if someone likes them and decides to add them to their favorites, I think "thanks for the exposure, glad you like my work!"  It's the fact that these bombers (and I've had my share of 100+ fave bombers in my days here, the most was over 220 at once) follow the same pattern that confuses the heck out of me - no comments, and no watch.  I will never ever insist that someone comment on anything (although I do love to get comments just like 99% of other deviants) and I'm guilty of fave and runs all the time, but if I find I am faving a lot of stuff from one person at once, I always leave at least one comment to apologize for the bomb and to say how much I enjoy their work, and usually watch that person, too.

So what do you think about fave bombers?  Annoying? Awesome? Complimentary? The Scourge of dA?  Talk to me. :flirty:

In other news, spring seems to be sneaking her way in, which is nice I suppose - warmer weather is nice, right? but I hate spring.  I am very very very allergic to pollen and spring about does me in every year. Now that I'm basically living on the edge of a forest is not going to help things.  Save me from the trees! :noes:

A good friend has been going through medical hell so I've been spending a lot of time thinking about her.  She nearly died from an infection, lost her lower right leg because of it, and has been on dialysis because her kidneys haven't recovered yet.  I just wish I lived anywhere near her and her family or at least had some money so I could get in the car and go visit. :pray:  If you've ever seen pictures of a little boy with characters in my gallery - that's her son.

And in happier more Disney news - I've started to post on the forums. I'm Arete there, and I highly recommend them. Not only do you get to talk Disney parks with like minded individuals, you earn points to request Disney park music on the request stream.  I've requested Every Day's a Holiday twice now; ah memories!

~Tina :huggle:

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